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State of the Comic Address

State of the Comic Address published on 6 Comments on State of the Comic Address

Habitually, I take a short break between publication of this comic’s acts. This one may end up being a fair bit longer.

After long and serious reflection, I am unsure whether the page-by-page publication method is right for this story, as it has dragged out for far longer than I predicted needing for it – and to be perfectly honest, I am very burned out on it. I still care very much for the story, and for its characters, but if and when I do return to it, it is unlikely to be in the same format. I would like very much to tell the end of this story someday, and I still have every intention of doing so. But it won’t be tomorrow, and it likely will not be any time soon.

Thank you for reading for all of these years. You may follow me on tumblr or discord for updates on any future projects.