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A small change in format

A small change in format published on 3 Comments on A small change in format

Hello everyone. The newest page of Riverside is the format in which the story will be presented going forward; it is my hope that this will enable me to deliver updates more frequently and more consistently, in addition to getting through the story a little faster. Thank you, as always, for reading.

Happy to have you.

Happy to have you. published on 3 Comments on Happy to have you.

Thank you for joining us. If you’re a new reader, feel free to click the leftmost arrow to be taken to the beginning of the comic; the summary and character profiles on the about page should prove to be helpful to you. Consider also joining our discord community, accessible through the non-expiring invite below, or to comment on any published page. miri reads all of them, and responds to many of them. You can help us out by voting for us on topwebcomics using the button below, or by reblogging our tumblr update posts. Or by telling your friends, if you like.

Hope to be seeing a lot more of you in the future.